Going on a holiday does not mean enjoying the sun and the beach only; do you love Jogging and North Walking? Then our 5 kilometer seashore is the ideal place for you, you can greet a brand new day with an invigorating early morning physical activity and then relax with a healthy and delicious breakfast in the hotel, you’ll find going to the beach so much more fulfilling after this. If you prefer cycling instead, we can suggest some short getaways around our enchanting town of Caorle.

Our town facing the sea, however, resembles an old village from the past so biking is the way to go in order to better explore the embankments and the plains of Caorle.

We can recommend routes that will suit everyone with distances ranging from 10 to 60 km, with very few paved roads, on which you will find bars or restaurants to stop and rest along the way. All these routes have already been tested by us. Riverbanks, rivers or canals, fig trees and ferns everywhere, birds diving into the water, all kinds of herons that control the territory as sentinels, rabbits that run across the fields. You will see old farmhouses, some of them still inhabited while many others even though locked they all bring up a fascinating past and if you get close enough you could even spot people still working old crafts, old lagoon houses with typical outdoor furnaces, and traditional Venetian chimneys. Old small country churches are still active and they stand as a reminder of a rich and mysterious historical past unknown sometimes even to the locals, that starts with the settlements of the early Paleo-venetians and goes through the barbarian invasions and the birth of the first Venice, legends of the Templars that would embark from here to get to the holy land and Venetian legends of clashes with the Uskok pirates who were defeated on the sea right in front of Caorle, from where the tradition of the “3 Marie Veneziane” .

And thus you can immerse yourself in this fascinating landscape, a place that was once, called “Lost Lands” during the old epic time of the agricultural rehabilitation.

You’ll be accompanied only by the sound of nature, the rustle of reeds thickets moved by the wind and the fluttering of bird wings flying up in the sky.

The best time for a ride in the countryside is in the morning when the sun is hot but not brutal, however there are many places where you can stop to rest and enjoy a drink or a snack.

Almost all the routes are within the confines of Caorle. But if you want to explore more on your own you can go further and still be close enough to allow for a quick return or for us to be able to reach you in case of an emergency.

You can travel from San Gaetano where you’ll pass by the places once loved by Ernest Hemingway, where he would find the inspiration to write the novel “Across the River and into the Trees” and get to Giralivenza which allows you to enter in the large agricultural estate called “Generali”. But for those who want more, with GiraLemene Path you can reach Concordia Sagittaria or you can reach the mouth of the river Piave and go close to the Mort Lagoon (Lagoon of the Dead) with its ruins of the military forts from two wars, sad reminders of what we, as human beings were capable of in our foolishness, something that we hope we would never do again.

In our hotel you can find maps that will guide you to the most important touristic sites and if you have a GPS we have the GPX file as well. And of course, we have bikes available for your convenience.

After a fresh and delicious breakfast you’ll have the energy to ride the bike for two hours so you can discover the fantastic places described above and when you return you’ll be able to take a shower before we serve a fresh and satisfying lunch and then you can relax at the beach for the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sea and the sun before finishing your day with an evening spent walking by the seashore and having a drink, this is the kind of day that we would like to offer you as our customer.

You will find here some suggestions of places you can reach by bike