Caorle to visit

Caorle: lived during the all year, is one of the best cities of the high Adriatic faced on the sea, rich of history and tradition.

The fishing harbour is situated side by side of the high street; Caorle is also the tradition of the fishers and fresh fish, that is the base for special traditional dishes.

Next to the harbour, there is the typical historical centre, just for pedestrians, between the little streets “ calli and campielli” typical of the Venetian tradition. You can walk all around and do shopping in the nice shops all around. You can visit the beautiful Cathedral of the X century with the Templar frescoes, and the circular bell tower of the XI century as well as the museum inside it and the amazing sanctuary of the “Madonnina dell'Angelo” on the beach, protector of the city to which the “Caprulani” are devoted.

All the historical centre is surrounded by the 7 Km of seafront full of rocks carved from the best sculptors that every year in June take part at the big demonstration “SCOGLIERA VIVA”.

Don't forget the lagoon! You can visit the little island and the big islands immersed in a green area and wet by the brackish water with the boats that are available every day, so you can be delighted by the animals and the plants all around.

There is also a very long and nice cycles path that waits for you for very pleasant moments in the nature.


There are many interesting places to visit in Caorle’s vicinity, a territory rich with history, tradition, arts and culture. Here are a few suggestions:

Portogruaro old medieval venetian city with its traditional porches and palaces.

Concordia Sagittaria old city founded by Julius Caesar with its many roman ruins and the dome, Sesto al Reghena and its antic benedictine abbey San Donà di Piave and its own Museum of Land Reclamation (Museum of Bonifica) and of the Great World War  this is where you could start exploring all the places of the Basso Piave from the first World War. The nature is spectacular here, visiting the beach of Brussa will definitely be a unique experience for you, you will have the chance to discover the beaches and the pinewoods as they were 100 years ago.

On top of all these places mentioned above there are many others that are waiting to be discovered, some even further down but still within a reasonable distance, only a few hours away.These are the places that Ippolito Nievo, Ernest Hemmingway, Pierpaolo Pasolini and many others were fascinated with.

We will be offering maps and other instructions to make it easy for you to discover the beauty of our land.